#1. what can you give a dog for an upset stomach?

The dogs should be fed with the best diet dog food that goes with their regular diet for their resistance from stomach problems. Many causes are responsible for your dog’s upset stomach-irregular diet, eating of rotten and spoiled foodstuffs, eating grasses and so on. Say for example your dog may have an upset stomach due to dehydration. In those circumstances, water is the best solution and as a responsible dog owner, you should select the best dog food for your pet which will help him to recover. Another remedy for an upset stomach is to keep your dog unfed for about 24 hours. If any improvement is not seen, consult your vet immediately. Make sure that your dog’s temperature is normal; it should be between 101.5-102 degrees F. Give your dog served with organic pumpkin puree and banana. Other mentionable remedies are serving baby food, rice and boiled chicken mixed with a bit of water, bone broth, oatmeal, ginger, unsweetened yogurt mixed with food and a bland diet. Another effectual remedy for an upset stomach is to provide your dog with Pepto Bismol Liquid.

#2. how often should you groom your dog?

Grooming is mainly preferable once within a month. But in the case of short-haired dogs, an occasional bath is required. The frequency in grooming and bathing is ensured on the basis of the dog’s hair size. Your dog should be brushed once every week. You can use the best slicker brush for that. Teeth of your dog should be brushed every day as it is a must with the Best Enzymatic Toothpaste. In that case, the softest brush is the most preferable like Dual Headed Toothbrush. Bathing of your canine friend is required once every 3-6 months. The water should be of a medium temperature. Nails should be trimmed once every 3-8 weeks. The Painless Nail Grinder is the most preferable for your furry friend. For performing all these groom cares of your dog, the importance of a grooming table can’t be mentioned in words.

#3. how to stop a dog from jumping up on strangers?

As a dog owner, it is not an uncommon incidence of jumping of the dogs upon you. Dogs jump only when they are excited to greet. Lack of training is the main cause of this problem. Hand training is a suggestible training to remove this habit. You can have a look at Hand Training Video. Dogs like to jump on their parents and thus it grows into a habit circle. To stop your dog from doing so, you can keep your dog in a dog crate with toys inside or you can let them play in a dog playpen. Dogs like to lick over the mouth and ears of their owner-ew-, which may be the reason they jump to strangers. Make your dog feel benefitted on four legs and don’t respond to dog’s greetings till he sits on four legs. Provide Dog Training Treats to the dogs when they are on four legs and you can also keep the dog attached to a dog leash. Take the help of your friend to remove such a habit of your dog.

#4. What Can You Give A Dog For Car Sickness?

Not in a few but a majority of dogs are often engaged in car sickness. It is more prominent among young dogs and puppies. During the first ride, they are very much excited and in anxiety especially when the ride ends to the vet. It occurs mainly because the proper forming of your pup is not fulfilled yet. Again it may suffer from nausea during the travel. If in an adverse condition, you can give your dog ginger as it is one of the best solutions for nausea in dogs. Also, you can feed your dog with Diphenhydramine 50 mg or Benadryl to let him become relaxed during the ride. Fill up the car with toys for the dog. Your dog should be kept starving for at least 4-6 or 8 hours before the ride so that he cannot vomit during the journey. But he must be provided with a huge amount of water. Make your dog feel relaxed and benefitted inside the car by opening up the window very narrow. Use the best restrains or security strap included dog seats to keep him attached to the seat. Make short trips at first to a park or any favorite place of him. And make frequent stops during a ride to give your dog time to recover because he may feel dizzy the first time.

#5. How To Stop A Dog From Chewing And Eating Everything?

Dogs have a usual habit of chewing up any stuff they find in front of them. Sometimes, they enhance their happiness or express it by chewing everything. So they need to be given an indestructible toy to play with. When you notice that your dog is chewing anything important of yours, you should have patience rather than shouting and try to take his attention to anything else like dog toys or treats. Dogs also chew due to their pain of separation from their owners. When owners are out and not at home, they feel anxiety and thus hit up to chewing and damaging everything. In that condition, you can keep the best Wi-Fi HD Pet camera when you are not at home. Proper training is also required to get from this problem of chewing and damaging everything. You first take any item that your dog was chewing unnecessarily; in your other hand, you will have to take a treat for him so that he leaves that unnecessary stuff and get interested in getting the treat.

#6. Can You Use Baby Shampoo On Dogs?

The answer to if you can use baby shampoo for your dog is yes. But we need to be much sensible of them as their outer skin is not that much resistive. Using baby shampoo is okay but using best tearless puppy shampoo is much better and doubt-free. When you see that your dog is continuously scratching itself, it may lead him to inflammation and many more skin problems. In that case, anti-itchy dog shampoo is the best choice. Again some adult dogs and pups have too much irritation to baby shampoo. As humans require some sort of accessories for themselves, similarly dogs also require them as their necessity. Some other dog shampoos that you can try to your dog are- cowboy magic shampoo and so on.

#7. What is the best whitening shampoo for dogs?

Many dog owners supply their dogs with human shampoos or baby shampoos. Baby shampoos are acceptable but some shampoos of humans are there that the dogs have sensitivity with. Human shampoos exceed the level of pH in a dog’s skin. So these human shampoos are very much acidic to a dog’s skin. These may even give rise to many skin problems, Dry Itchy Skin, skin inflammation and so on. One should be even more concerned about white dogs. The white coat of dogs often gets dirty easily. So they need proper whitening shampoo to keep their coat white, shiny and soft. You can use Bio-groom super white pet shampoo, petpost dog whitening shampoo, and Angels’ Eyes Whitening Pet Shampoo to make your dog seem more clean and white. But if you want them to be of better quality, go ahead and have a look at Chris Christensen White on White Shampoo for more appreciative results. But remember one thing that you should never use any human shampoo on your pet friend.

#8. How to bathe a dog with skin allergies?

Dogs can easily come in contact with different flea, tick, bacteria, etc. which may result in itching, allergies and skin problems in them. As a result, their skin may become much more sensitive and the final result may be fur-loss too. If such matter noticed, you should bath your dog once or twice every week with anti-itchy dog shampoo. The temperature of the water should be comfortable for them like between 70-95 degrees F. you have to be careful while bathing your dog as he is infected by allergies so you need to use a dog pet bath pool. Use your gentle touch while you are making him washed. After that, absorb the water with a towel and use a qualified drier. Use a soft brush to gently brush his fur and you should be careful not to scratch him while brushing. Also, the most important is to provide him with the best dog food for skin allergy preferable for him.

#9. Why do dogs need elevated bowls?

Dog owners want their dogs to be perfectly reared up under their cares. In the present world, elevated bowls for dogs are catching the main attraction of people. These types of bowls are raised to a little height so that it becomes easier for your dog to have his regular meal in an easier position. These are very much comfortable for long dogs. It improves their posture as they need to bend down to intake food and drinks. Considering these conditions, Premium-elevated bowls for dogs may bring the best results for your dog. These elevated bowls are very much necessary and effective for your pet best friend.

#10. What type of brush do you use for grooming?

Brushes are not only the regular need for humans, but also for dogs. Regular and gentle brushing to your dog is the best implementation to make your dog look the best, shiny and great. A single variety of brush isn’t enough for your dog. He needs other supplies too. The best slicker brush is the chief requirement for most of the dog’s coat. This type of brush is necessary to remove loose hair and it is mainly preferable for dogs with curly hairs. Bristle brush for dogs also plays a vital role in dematting your dog’s coat and making it shinier. It removes dead hair too. Again, the best double-sided brush for dogs is also responsible to provide you with more preferable results.

#11. How do I get rid of the smell in my dog's ears?

We all have started our journey as dog owners. Well, this journey of being a good dog owner is not a bed of roses rather it is a war that is to be fought valiantly. You might have gone through this smelly journey. ‘Why my dog is seemed to be scratching his ears so roughly?’ and when you just smell his ears… (Yuck)… his ears smell too much. Now let’s come for its solution. Your dog’s ear consists of an ear canal and an ear flap which is known as the pinna. These two ear parts are very liable to be filled up with bacteria, yeast, debris, dirt, or wax. As a symptom, you will see that your dog is scratching his ears, shaking his head, and so on. It may lead his ears to become infectious. So, your dog’s ears require often cleaning up. For that Vet approved dog ear cleaner is appreciable for your dog. Besides, you can also use home remedies like garlic, aloe Vera juice, etc. but, prevention is better than cure, so cleaning up your dog’s ear is the best prevention. Otherwise, it may result in loss of ear hair and hearing loss too. Don’t use cotton bud; rather you can use Ear Cleaner Wipes for a good result.

#12. Which dog DNA test is the most accurate?

DNA stands for DeoxyriboNucleic Acid. Genes are composed of some proteins which are the main basis of heredity. Dogs may inherit some of the characteristics of their parents. In fact, DNA itself is called a gene. Again, DNA is the biggest proof of your dog’s breed and that is why DNA test plays the most significant role to know the special qualities, habits, and breed of your dog. But, most of the dog owners fail to make the right choice of DNA test kit for their dogs. Here are some guides for such owners in this problem: Embark DNA Test Kit is one of the best choices of dog owners to get accurate breed identification. It can identify your dog’s breed easily and it also checks health screening. It has got huge ratings from thousands of dog owners. Again if you are not satisfied after checking it in only one kit, Best DNA Kit is also there for your guidance. Normally, the DNA test reports are expressed within 2-3 weeks.

#13. what can i Provide my dog for arthritis?

It is good news for dog owners that there are also solutions for different pain problems in dog-like arthritis too. This is a problem in which the cartilages at the joints are stuck with great pains. Its main solution is a good joint health supplement in the mixture Glucosamine and chondroitin. There are also some other resistive measures to make your dog feel relaxed and free from cartilage pain. Your dog is strongly in need of a qualified soft orthopedic bed to reduce pain. Use the no-slip best ramps while getting inside or getting down from bed, sofa, or cars. Excessive weight most often becomes one of the reasons for the increase in pain in joints and cartilage. Again, physiotherapy is also one of the highly recommended remedies for reducing the pain of osteoarthritis. Green-lipped mussel supplement is also preferable to decrease pain in a short time.

#14. how to stop puppy from eating poop?

Eating poop is commonly not the habit of a dog. But sometimes, dog owners notice that their dogs are more likely to eat poops. Scientifically, this uncommon attitude of dogs is known as Coprophagia. Due to this disease, dogs become friendlier to eat poops of their own or of other animals. It is mainly caused due to digestive and enzymatic problems and for that, your dog should be provided with digestive Enzyme and enzyme supplements instantly when observed doing so. But it is common in pups and if any young dog eats poop it is a matter of which a vet should be consulted. This behavior is noticeably frequent in matters of female dogs. From being a pup, the mother dogs lick their pups to remove the fecal stuff from their baby’s face, and from that smell, most of the pups learn to intake poops. Again many other causes are responsible behind this like your dog may do this for gaining your attention, due to stomach problems, due to loneliness, being bored and etc. for preventing that, your dogs can be fed with good quality of tasty dog food so that he finds that tastier than poop. Besides, some thyroid and diabetics problems are also responsible for this. If you notice that your dog is eating both his poops and others, don’t hesitate to consult with your vet immediately.

#15. is it dangerous for dogs to eat egg shells?

Absolutely, feeding your dog egg or egg shall is not dangerous rather it is beneficial for them. Without worries, you can feed your dog eggshells or egg and Eggshell Calcium but you need to be a bit careful that the egg is farm-fresh healthy eggs. Eggs are necessary for these as eggshells work the same as bones, they are a great source of calcium and phosphorous which help them to make their outer coat shinier and thicker. It also improves their muscles and teeth too. But one of the important matters is to ensure that your dog is not eating only the egg white as it may become harmful for them. You can feed your eggshell once a week, excess frequency of it may result in diarrhea. You can feed your dog both raw and boiled eggs but boiled is the best choice. You can also mash or grind the eggshells into very smooth powder and mix it with their food to let them gain their necessary energy from that.

#16. What age can I put a flea and tick collar on my babies?

Ticks and fleas become the most unbearable for dogs. These are very dangerous as they can intake your pup’s blood and cause infection too. So many dog owners recommend using tick and flea collars to get relief soon. The use of flea and tick collars is usually dependent on some common factors of your dog like his weight, age and so on. To make your dog feel relieved from tick and flea you can use flea and tick collars, but there is an age restriction. In that case, you need to choose the best Seresto flea and tick collar. It can be used for dogs that are 7 weeks old or above and their weight must be 8 kg. This collar kills flea and ticks and also repels them so that your dog remains free from these cruel insects. The alternative solution is that you can also use the best flea dog shampoo that is applicable for your pup according to his age. No kind of medicine or anything is applicable for pups below 6 or 7 weeks. Till this age limit, your pup should be groomed with the best flea comb if he catches flea easily so.

#17. Why is the Seresto Collar not Working?

Seresto collar is considered one of the best collars to prevent flea and ticks to enter inside your dog’s body. There may be some causes that it may not work such as:

    • Providing your dog with frequent baths is not recommended for the users although it is water proved.
    • You are not regular in its proper use. Don’t open it from your dog’s neck otherwise, it may lose the resistant ability.
    • Before wearing it, you need to remove the flea and ticks which were present earlier by using a Flea Shampoo or Premium Tick Remover Kit.
    • Your dog may have thick skin which is creating difficulties for this collar to become activated.
    • Have some patience as this collar becomes activated within 24-48 hours and the results may be seen after a week.

#18. What's the best age to switch from puppy food to adult dog food?

Just only a birthday and suddenly your dog turns into an adult dog. So, it will be no more convenient to feed your dog with puppy foods. Now, he is ready to accept adult food. Puppy age is in between 4 or 6 weeks to 12 months. Your dog is converted to an adult when he becomes aged between 1 year to 6 or 8 years. So, your dog’s food habit needs to be changed. Thus, you may face some problem as he may not accept adult food at first, that’s why you need to change this habit gradually. During this growing stage, best adult dog food is preferable for your dog. Or you can also feed your dog with the adult food of the same flavor and same taste that he used to eat as a puppy earlier.

#19. What is the best thing to put on a dog's hot spot?

Hot spots are some kind of red-colored inflammation which is itchy and discomfort for the dog. This type of inflammation is also known as summer sores or moist dermatitis. Hot spots in dogs must be recovered so far as possible or necessary steps in time as it may also result in inflammation, itchiness, and so on. There are many causes responsible behind this hot spot like flea and tick, increasing temperature. There are also remedies for this like when you observe that your dog is infected with a hot spot; you need to remove the surrounding hair by using a good dog hair clipper and apply antifungal & antibacterial chlorhexidine Spray, don’t allow your dog to scratch the infected area, use soft elizabethan collar so that your dog cannot bite himself desperately. But you must keep in mind that no kind of medicine should be applied to your dog without the vet’s advice.

#20. What does it mean when a dog eats grass?

Dog owners mostly become so much scared when they eat grasses. Relax, it is not such a big deal, they are not harmful to your dog. There may be some reasons responsible for dogs’ eating grasses. Some of the cause is that your dog may like the smell and taste of grasses, lack of nutritional needs, upset stomach, feeling bored, and so on. Most of the dogs when intake grasses, it tickles their thought and they vomit it out as it is not suitable for their stomach. If this is not observed in your dog, you must immediately consult with your vet. Eating grasses are not actually harmful to dogs, but excess intake of grasses may result in stomach problems too. So, you must feed your dog with sensitive stomach dog food which is suitable for him.

#21. What can I give my dog to help with diarrhea?

Diarrhea is undoubtedly an uncomfortable situation. This causes loose motion to your dog and also results in vomiting and worse. The causes of diarrhea are that your dog might have intake some dirty stuff or unhealthy food, change of diet, stomach problems, etc. To cure your dog out of this unbearable condition, you can provide your dog with organic pumpkin puree as it is a great solution, blend diet, bone broth, boiled chicken with rice, and oatmeal. Besides, if the reason for the diarrhea of your dog is an upset stomach, you can provide him with Pepto Bismol but the best choice for dogs is a veterinary diet probiotics supplement. Again, another notable remedy is to keep your dog unfed for 24 hours but providing him with a lot of water. If you notice that your dog is refusing to take food for more than 24 hours and if he is going through continuous vomiting, your vet must be instantly consulted.

#22. Puppy potty training tips and tricks

Potty training is the most pleasant training of the dogs for the owners as these are proof that your dog is healthy and active. But, when the dog doesn’t properly attend to your commands, this training becomes a burden for the owners. Some of the steps that may help you perform your dog’s potty training conveniently are mentioned below:

    • Don’t force him and wait for the right moment
    • Try to make your dog friendly to use potty training dog doorbells in the required situations.
    • Make a place fixed for his potty training
    • You can also keep crate training into action using a dog crate in which he feels ease.
    • Make a suitable schedule of per 15 minutes
    • Be friendly with your pup and associate him to complete his task outside
    • When you are not at home, restrict him to a certain area using a Puppy Pee or Potty Training Pads

These steps are enough for the smooth potty training of your dog. Besides, you can also use commands to fix it in an easier technique but the important fact is to understand your dog’s body language.

#23. What are the healthiest treats for dogs?

Treats are the most likely rewards given to the dog for various causes. They get them as a reward for any good work done by them and it is used in training causes too. The dog owners care for nothing more than their dog’s health. Whatever your dog is happy with, you need to ensure that it is good for his health. The treats you provide them needs to go with their stomach. For that, you need to make a good choice for your furry friend. Rocco & Roxie Gourmet Jerky Treats is one of the mentionable and good qualified treats for your dog. According to me, the second position goes to Greenies Original Natural Dental Treats. These are also healthy treats that can be provided to your dog. Also, mentionable Nudges Steak Grillers Dog Treats can contribute to a better result. Besides, you can supply your dog with long-lasting chews too.

#24. How to pluck hair from dogs ears painlessly?

The ear is the most sensitive organ of dogs as they need to be highly cared for. It acts as the entrance of different foreign dust and bacteria too. If you notice your dog’s ear carefully, you will notice some wildly grown hair from the inside of your dog’s ear. This cruel ear hair becomes the utmost enemy to your dog’s health as grass seeds, the wax may easily get stuck to them and they might also result in ear infection, bad smell, an obstacle in air passing, and other health hazards too. So, these ear hair needs to be plucked soon. You can pluck those using hands or tools; use your hands to give him a gentle touch but if you are scared of it, use Pet Hair Puller or tweezers. If you are using hand, you need to apply some dog ear hair powder for easy grip so that the hairs easily come to your grip. Pluck the hair gently taking 4 or 5 hair at once and pull, it will not hurt your dog and remember not to pull the baby hairs. Also, you need to be careful not to insert your hand more than ½ inches. But if you are afraid of it, use tools or you can also call a vet or professional groomer. Using tools makes it even easier. After the cleaning is done, use recommended ear cleaner wipes to clear the ear area. If your dog is scratching his ear and there is any ear infection discovered, stop the grooming and call for a vet. Provide your dog with treats if he is new to this grooming.

#25. How to stop a dog from digging holes in the yard?

You noticed that your yard it filled up with holes and the water of rains is making it worse and what a mess! It is a common habit of dogs that they like to dig holes in the ground, sometimes they become bored or anxious and that’s the reason they damage your yard. They also dig when they are scared and hide inside a hole and sometimes they also dig holes to hide their unfinished meal. Now, you need to know the solutions to it. Dogs mainly like to make holes in the same place so you can fill up the wholes with red pepper inside the holes as they might not like the flavor. A fence around your yard so that, he might not be able to enter inside. Again the best solution is to provide your dog with an ifetch digging toy which is actually indestructive. An alternative option is to make a dig pit for your dog at home. Again, you can also make the base of your yard made up of hard particles as dogs really like to dig soft areas.

#26. how often should you bathe your dog?

The frequency of bathing your dog mainly depends on some simple facts about your dog like his breed, daily activeness, skin coat, itches, or other problems, and so on. The regular saying is to bath your dog once every month or at least once every 3 months. But it is a very big deal which mostly depends on your dog’s fur size. Dog breeds with short hair like French bulldog and Beagle need baths less frequently. Hairless breeds like Xoloitzcuintli, Chinese Crested dogs need bathing repeatedly once a week. Coat of harsh textured breeds are quite less dirt-catchy and so they need to be given a bath once a month. Dog breeds without undercoats like Maltese and Shitzus require baths once a week. The longer the hair breed is, the more bathing is required like Puli breeds need bathing most often. Double coated or thick-coated breeds like Labrador retriever needs bath less than that of others; otherwise, the result may be loss of body oils. Well, there are also some causes to be considered that you need to smell your dog. If it smells bad, he is in need of a bath with the best recommended smelly shampoo. If your dog likes playing outside, a frequent bath is needed. If your dog is suffering from allergy it is also a good choice to bath frequently using an anti-allergy shampoo. But if your dog has dry and itchy skin, consult your vet.

#27. Tips on getting your dog to be stopped barking at strangers

Suddenly you hear a bark and you get confused about why your dog is barking. Barking is common in dogs as they are very much protective minded. They like their owners so much and don’t want any incident happen to them, so for their security, dogs bark at strangers. Well, this is not the cause every time. When you are outside and back at home, he barks at you as he wants to tell you how much happy he is! Again, you may see your dog barking at night or at odd times; the reason is that he feels lonely. They also bark out of excess excitement which is frequently noticed in pups. To remove such a habit of your dog, training and practice are the only solutions. You can make him practice by using a no bark collar. You just need to ignore your dog until he stops barking. Take the help of your friend; when your dog stops barking at him, tell your friend to reward the dog his favorite treats. It will make him feel beneficial by being silent. Repeat the practice frequently for a good result within a short time.

#28. What can I feed my dog instead of dog food?

Suppose, it’s the adverse season and there’s no dry dog food for your pet companion. Don’t worry; there are also some food supplements for your dog beside the canned foods. Here are some food guides that may give your dog a pleasant meal:


    • Provide them with boiled rice or blended
    • Skinless chicken
    • Beef Bone broth, Boneless meat, Bones
    • Provide Eggs raw or boiled, eggshells but well mashed
    • Boiled vegetables, Boiled pasta without any sauce
    • Cooked oatmeal, Cereals
    • A little amount of honey and Cheese
    • Strawberry or blueberry
    • Raw or cooked carrots
    • Boiled potatoes, Banana


You also need to follow some tips on what not to give your dog. Here is the list of it:

    • Fatty foodstuff
    • Salty food
    • Spices
    • Spicy sauces
    • High protein food

#29. What tools do you need for dog grooming?

Grooming is the means of making your pet friend more beautiful, clean, and scented. Every owner wants his dog to be clean and much more adorable. But some of the dog owners don’t appreciate regular grooming to dogs. Well, for them my advice is to keep this activity of your dog skilled. You need to consider some high alerted matters for grooming. Before grooming you need to look for your dog’s age, breed, and on. Followings are some great tips to be mentioned:

Foldable Grooming Table: Grooming table plays the most efficient role in grooming your dog in an easier and simple way. But the good quality of it is a must!

Best Shampoo and Conditioner: Bathe your dog according to schedule, don’t be in a fix, use a gentle touch, and apply the best shampoo applicable for your dog. After that, using a conditioner is an unforgettable step. Don’t look for the price; look for your dog’s betterment.

High-Velocity Hair Dryer: After the bathing procedure is done, absorb the water of your dog’s body using a quality full high velocity hair dryer so that it lasts long and doesn’t become chewing stuff. Be careful of doing this act as soon as possible otherwise he might catch a cold.

Best Slicker Brush: Among all the dog brushes, the slicker brush has won the fame in many hearts. Use the high quality slicker brush to give your dog an elegant look. It will keep his outer coat safe.

Straight, Curved & Thinning Scissors: Now let’s come to cutting creativity. Use straight, curved and thinning scissors as these are safer to use and easily give awesome looks to your dogs.

Dog Hair Clipper: Another easy method is to use a good quality dog hair clipper as it will also make your work faster. The world is much easier today, see!

Dog Nail Clipper or Grinder: Finally, cut the nails of your dog because these give much uneasiness to your dog and the result is physical harm. So you need to use a good dog nail clipper or grinder of unparalleled quality. But I prefer to use Painless Nail Grinder.

Ear Cleaner: The most important part of grooming exists in cleaning your dog’s ear. This is the most sensitive body organ of your dog. Nevermind, but you need to use the best ear cleaner for your dog as it is a must.

#30. What should be in a dog first aid kit?

First Aid Kit is an emergency contains for your dog. It helps your dog to get relief from instant injuries and wounds. The elements of a first kit are the top priority for your dog. But, selecting the proper elements of a dog’s first aid kit becomes much easier for most of the dog owners. Here is an idea about what should be included in the first aid kit of your dog:

Also, you can keep a readymade First Aid Kit for your fur baby; these are easily available within your clutches.

#31. What types of nail trimmers are best for dogs?

Long nails are very much disturbing for the dogs as they face many problems during walking. So, the nails of your dogs are required to be cut for the ease of your dog. For trimming dog’s nails, most of the dog owners face great harassment. Ignoring the matter of nail trimming of dogs may also result in inflammation. Dog owners become hurry about what to do in this situation. My advice to all is relaxed! You don’t need to be in a fix just you need your dog’s nails to be regularly trimmed. For large dogs, scissor clippers are the most recommended choice. Scissor clipper is mentionable for the dogs of large size and breeds. This clipper gives your dog a clean cut every trimming. It is totally painless if you are familiar with it before. Guillotine clippers are another awesome choice for your puppy or small dog breeds. Like guillotine, the clipper is such an example. You also need to consider the blade quality of the clipper so that it lasts long and is replaceable. Vets usually recommend using clippers only for the professional groomers. These clippers can result in bleeding from your dog’s paw due to a lack of awareness. If bleeding takes place, use a styptic powder in the affected area. The most favorable is to use a painless nail grinder as it is safe and out of risk. It makes a mild sound and vibration so it may make your dog a bit anxious for the first time. So you can provide him or her with anxiety removals treats.

#32. Best dog grooming clippers for home use

Dogs with long hair and curly fur breeds require frequent haircuts. At those circumstances, you need to look for the groomers. Most dog owners look for local groomers as it is a high cost for an efficient groomer but it is very risky for your fur baby. The local groomers don’t have that knowledge, which may result in wounds to your dog. So, the best option is to groom your dog safely at home. For that, you need to ensure a dog clipper of good quality. You will find many kinds of clippers, but the best choice lies under you. So, here is a groomer recommendation for you:

Corded Clippers: If you are interested to use a wire clipper, don’t need to face any indecision. Here’s is a chart of the best wire clippers for dogs:

Cordless Clippers: Again if you are also interested to use the wireless ones, here is a qualified chart for you

I mostly recommend that both types of clippers come in good quality. So, you can use any one which your heart wants.

#33. What is the best high velocity dog grooming dryer?

After each bath, you notice that your dog is wet and if he is not soon dried up, he may catch cold and the responsible will be you. Thus, it is your responsibility to select the best choice for your dog’s safe drying of hair. You should be more cautious during selecting a good Hair Dryer for your pet companion. Lots of Hair Dryers are available but all are not qualified. Before purchasing a dog hair dryer, you need to consider the following factors:

    • High-Velocity Energy 
    • The durability of the Hair Dryer
    • Steel body Hair Dryer
    • Long-lasting quality
    • Convenient Air Flow and so on

You must ensure these qualities in your dog Hair dryer. These are proof that your hair dryer is appreciable. Among all these points mentioned, High Velocity energy Hair Dryer is the most important. If you are confused about which one to choose, this is the right content for you. Below are some best rated high velocity dryer mentioned:

These are much effective to give you a good result as these are mainly preferred by professional groomers and experienced owners.

#34. What factors need to be considered while selecting a perfect grooming table?

It seems that your dog needs some grooming like a haircut, nail trimming, brushing, ear cleaning washing and so other. But, a visit to a professional groomer will end up all of your savings. So, it is better that you yourself complete the task at home easily. It is so interesting and creative. For grooming, the most important stuff is thought to be a grooming table which actually is. You will find a vast quality of grooming table out there but you need to look for the best quality for your pet best friend. Mainly four kinds of table are mostly recommended:

    • Foldable Grooming Table
    • Regular Grooming Table
    • Electric Grooming Table
    • Hydraulic Grooming Table

Now you are confused about which one to choose, right? Well, the exact solution is that you need to sleep on it. The best choice of grooming table needs to be selected according to your dog’s breed and size. And if you are still worried, we are with you. These following tables will give you a great output:

#35. How much glucosamine can you give a dog?

In fact, Osteoarthritis is a burden for dogs. It is much painful and disturbing too. The best role is played by glucosamine and chondroitin to bring up the best results. But, it requires proper age, weight, and some other facts. Although the old dogs are mainly prey to it, some dogs, unfortunately, have this problem from childhood that is hip displacement. The amount of glucosamine and chondroitin is mentioned below:

    • Regular sayings are to provide 400mg chondroitin and 500mg glucosamine for each 25 Pound to divide over 12 hours.

Amount of glucosamine and chondroitin depending upon a dog’s weight:

    • Till 7.5 kg of weight, you can give your dog 1/3 of a capsule
    • From the weight of 7.5 to 15 kg, you can provide with one capsule each couple of days
    • From 15 to 30 kg, it is required to serve with one capsule each day
    • Starting from 30 kg to 40 kg, it required 1-2 capsules each day
    • Weight of 40 kg and above need to be served with 2 capsules each day.

I guess you have earned quite a knowledge through this information and if not, you can alternatively use the top-rated joint supplements like:

#36. What shampoo is best for dogs and puppies?

Dogs require proper bathing with its proper elements. Dog shampoo is one such case to be noticed and you will find them of vast shapes, qualities, functions, and so on. Dogs with sensitive skin require some extra care like a quality dog shampoo. Many owners have questions that if they could use the same dog shampoo for both adult dogs and puppies. Well, using adult shampoo on your puppy is ok, but it will not bring the same result every time. Some adult dog shampoos are very harsh to puppies so it is better to use the best puppy shampoo for your fur baby. You will find a great list of good shampoos out there of various qualities like good smelling shampoo, anti-allergy shampoo, whitening shampoo, flea tick removal shampoo, and so on. And if you can’t distinguish them for your puppy, here’s a great source for you:

Shampoos applicable for Adult Dogs:

Shampoos applicable for Puppies:

You need to keep in mind one thing that human shampoos are very much harmful to your dog and puppy as those shampoos don’t go with their pH balance. Therefore, you need to purchase separate shampoos for them.

#37. How do i get rid of tear stains on my dog?

‘Tear stains’ are you frightened for this word? Fine, now you don’t need to do so. My advice is to have patience. Tear stains are nothing but just some tints over your dog’s face. They are the result of a condition named ‘Epiphora’ which means excess tear production. But, you need to fix them as a dog owner. Although too much negligence is also not good as it sometimes may have health issues. The primary tip is to clean those tear marks as soon as possible. Before that, you need to look for the best suggestions for the products that you are going to use to remove these stains. Use the vet recommended best tear stain remover solution which must-have natural ingredients, colloidal silver; witch hazel, etc.

For white-coated breeds like Maltese, use Gentle Tear Stain Wipes which is recommended. Again, a very significant role is played by dog wipes in this order. Vets recommend them with having ingredients like Benzalkonium chloride, glycerin, aloe extract, and so on.

You can also use wrinkle paste dog stain remover paste which is highly recommended for bulldogs. Lastly, another tip is to throw away the plastic bowls for your fur baby rather than use stainless steel dog elevated bowls as these spots are caused due to plastic bowls too.

#38. What can I put on my dog's Dry Crusty Nose?

A dog’s nose is the best organ through which you can learn about your dog’s health easily. Usually, dogs have a wet nose which commonly helps them to smell and understand the taste. But if the result is sudden drying of your dog’s nose, it is indeed a matter of your attention. I may remind you of one thing that is you should never use anybody lotion or dry cloth without the advice of your vet. But, going to the vet may exceed your budget, right? So, let’s enter the solution.

Snout Soother is one of the best choices among the most experienced dog owners’ recommendations that are to be applied to the dry nose of dogs. It consists of organic Shea butter and organic coconut oil which can give an instant result to the effect.

#39. Is there a difference between puppy food and dog food?

Isn’t your puppy cute? But you’ll not be able to experience with this cuteness of your pup so long because he’ll soon be transformed into an adult. So, you need to take more care of him especially his food habit. In comparison to adult dogs, puppies need more calories and nutrition for their proper development and bone structure.

    • Puppy foods consist of 22% protein whereas adult dog food consists of 18%.
    • Again, Puppies require 1% calcium and adult dogs require 0.6% of it;
    • Puppies also need to be provided with 0.8% phosphorus and adults need 0.5%.
    • Sodium is required 0.3% for puppies and 0.06% for the grown-ups.
    • – Another important health nutrient is fat which requires 8% in puppies and 5% in adult dogs.

So, there is a huge dissimilation between puppy food and adult dog food as we observed and also is guided by AAFCO. Now you decide is it right to exchange the food nutrients between a puppy and an adult dog? Indeed it is not. So, you need to look for the best choice for your fur baby even he’s a little one or an adult.