Best dog food for dry itchy skin – Dryness in the skin can lead your dog to itchy and irritating skin. Again certain food allergies or intolerance or sensitivity can actually make your dog suffer so badly. If you see your dog having these problems, the first thing you must do is to fix the diet. Get dog foods that include essential elements to fight against allergies. Moreover to find the best dog food for dry itchy skin you have to organize the diets that include certain elements and also does not have the elements that accelerate allergies. The whole process of choosing the best dog food for allergies may consume a lot of time and research. Thus this content will guide you and give you the most effective guideline to select the best food for your dogs to fight itchy skin.


To reduce this first thing you have to do is to switch the diet plan. Add as much water as possible. Choose dog food with omega fatty acid and switch to some supplements that work on food allergies. Sometimes flea attack can also cause itchy skin thus take sensitive skin supported shampoo always

Apart from these basic measures, you have to look for some other qualities to select the best dog food for skin allergies and they are:

Dog Food with Omega Fatty Acids

Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids are very important for the development of your dog’s skin and coat. These fatty acids improve the skin of your dog and prevent any sort of allergies. These fatty acids reduce rashes and itch. Thus your dog food must have these fatty acids.

Purchase Food from Lax Safety Standard Countries

When it comes to your dog’s food, you must not buy it from anywhere. Only trusted manufacturer countries should be trusted to invest on. When you buy dog food, on one hand, it dictates your dog’s health and on the other hand, it is a deal of a handsome amount of money. So, always invest in countries with lax safety standards such as the USA, Australia, and Western Europe. You can also try New Zealand.

Always Avoid Allergens

Allergens such as egg, wheat, soy etc. intrigues the skin allergy and dryness. Thus it is always better than your dog food does not include these ingredients.

Always Rely on the Best Brands

Never go for any unnamed or random food for your dog especially when it has dry or problematic skin. Not only this ignorance will be dangerous but also it can actually risk your dog’s life. So, always better to invest in the best brands as they come up with the best combination for your dog and ensure utmost nutrition.

Top 5 Best dog foods for itchy skin Reviews

Purina Pro Plan should be your first choice to stimulate the beneficial bacteria of dog’s intestine with the prebiotic fiber formula. This probiotic formula is highly effective on stomach and skin sensitivity as it accelerated the digestion power. No wonder it also has salmon that is high in its nutrient value and this protein formula is something you would like to invest on for your dog’s good health. This dog food does not risk your dog’s life by adding any artificial food color or flavor. This all organic dog food is a great source for protein, fatty acids, moisture, and fat. 

Key Points

  • To maintain the ideal body condition and to promote good health Purina offers Salmon as the main ingredient. It maintains the protein ratio of your dog's body and ensures overall good health.
  • Prebiotic fiber works on the bacteria of the intestine to ease the digestion process thus help the dogs with a sensitive stomach
  • For skin, development Purina add omega 6 fatty acids and zinc. This formula nourishes the coat and skin of your dog.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids and EPA are combined to ensure healthy joints and mobility of your dog.
  • Oatmeal and rice promote agents that help to digest carbohydrates.
  • This dog food is certified and advised by more than 400 vets, nutritionist, and scientists.
  • Does not contain corn, soy or wheat so no possibilities to accelerate allergy.


  • Grain-free dog food for allergies.
  • It has antioxidants thus improves the immune system
  • Great source for protein.
  • Good for your dog's joints


  • The rice used in this dog food is unnamed
  • Though it does not include corn it has corn oil thus has the least possibility to accelerate allergy

This dog food works on the overall immune system and skin of your dog. From stomach to bones, skin, coat, and mobility, this dog food with its precise ingredients works like magic. No added color or flavors make this dog food extremely organic thus no chance of any sort of side effects. Extremely trustable for your dog’s health enriched with antioxidants and necessary vitamins.

Key Points

  • 100% vet recommended
  • Easily digestive protein and carbohydrate improve the digestion system and stomach health of your dog.
  • Antioxidants and Omega 6 fatty acids work against skin allergies and itching problems. This blend also improves the coat of your dog
  • It has vitamin E and C to take care of the overall immune system of your dog
  • Made in the USA


  • Ingredients are tasty
  • One single food works on different problems
  • Trustable, no side effects are present


  • Brewer's rice is one of the ingredients

This product has undergone all the dog food allergy test and turned out to be one of the best dog foods for sensitive stomach and itchy skin. This dog food focuses basically on the large breed dogs and helps to improve the immune system of them. It has specific nutrient value and balanced formula with a high-quality source of protein. Thus relieves your dogs from digestive sensitivity and skin issues. 

Key Points

  • It contains DHA, EPA and Omega 3 fatty acids to promote bone and joint health. It makes your dog more active and enhances mobility. It fights back against diseases such as Mastiffs, Rhodesian ridgeback, and Dysplasia and so on.
  • Combinational of protein and prebiotics secures the intestine and make digestion process smoother.
  • This combination flaunts 50 years of clinical and scientific research.
  • The high digestive protein maintains the stool quality of your dog.
  • It also maintains the quality of skin and coat of your pet.


  • Maintains your large breed dog's health
  • Promotes overall
  • Extremely effective over the irritable stomach and skin.


  • It has some added flavors thus produce some odor
  • Chicken is a byproduct

This is the Best dog food for dry itchy skin and it fights against the allergens that lead your dog constantly scratching and itching. The main element of this incredible formula is lamb meat. Lamb meat usually reduces the glycemic index and reduces the absorption of yeast. As a result, your dog will end up having healthy allergy free skin. 

Key Points

  • It uses one source of protein which is lamb meat. This high source of protein to meet your dog's protein needs.
  • All the ingredients are 100% Hypoallergenic thus prevents your dog from scratching the skin, checks skin odor and redness. The best human grade elements not only improve your dog's skin but also heal allergies and skin problems.
  • Low Glycemic dog food allergy skin helps to low down yeast growth thus ensures healthy skin.
  • As this dog food works solely on dog allergies thus it is totally grain free. So no chance to accelerate allergy.
  • The main ingredient lamb is from New Zealand and air dried thus no compromise with the nutrients.


  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Extremely tasty
  • Works great on skin sensitivity
  • Grain-free and limited ingredients thus no chance of allergen presence


  • Relatively expensive

Nature’s Recipe dog food is probably the one and only dog food that comes with totally natural ingredients. Though being natural, this dog food is a complete blend for stomach and skin irritations as well as the healthy weight of your dog. It is basically a great source for carbohydrates and also has protein. Yet this blend of ingredients is extremely easy to digest.

Key Points

  • Vension meal and rice recipe are the main ingredients and are the main source of protein and carbohydrates. Easily digestible and improves stomach health prevents stomach sensitivity
  • Omega fatty acids are great for your dog's skin and it makes the coat shiny and healthy.
  • It has moderate fat thus works great on obese dogs and maintains a healthy weight.
  • It has glucosamine thus enhances the joint health and also improves the mobility of obese dogs.
  • It does not have allergens such as wheat, corns or any artificial flavor or color.
  • Enriched with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.


  • Zinc and linoleic acid promotes healthy skin.
  • Great for obese dogs.
  • Totally natural ingredients.
  • Good for dogs of all ages.
  • Works on multiple issues.


  • Not totally grain free

To set your dog free from uncomfortable scratching and itching, in the first place you have to find out the reasons behind this dry desert-like the skin of your dogs. And then try these amazing dog foods suggested and reviewed in this content. These dog foods have the most effective blend of ingredients that actually prevent the itchiness of skin and stomach issues. Among the Best dog food for dry itchy skin, we have picked the top two products for you as per our expert analysis and they are:

Top Picked: Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food Best for Adult Dog’s Immune System

Runner Up: Nature’s Recipe Healthy Skin Dry Dog Food Best for Dogs of All Ages and Maintains Healthy Weight