Seems that you are going to bring a new puppy to your home as your ultimate companion but it’s a matter to worry about your new puppy owner checklist. Indeed, everything needs planning, the same in the case of bringing a new pet companion to your home. And if are having the first experience you surely need to go through this piece of writing which might surely make you concerned about your new puppy owner checklist.

A new puppy owner checklist regularly contains that primary stuff your puppy requires immediately when she either meets you or comes to your home and as a dog owner, it’s our foremost responsibility to look after each of their needs and we need to fill up them.

Puppy Name Tags

Say for example that I wouldn’t expect really but who knows if out of unconsciousness your new pup gets lost somehow and you are just crying badly but it isn’t the solution. So you first need to look for the best name tags of your pups which may be personalized and it would contain her name, address, mobile number and her mom’s name.

I highly recommend using the best name tags for your puppy. GoTags Pet ID Personalized Pet Tags are usually of high demand and are amazon’s choice too. It’s permanently laser engraved and with 2-sided engraving up to 8 lines of text that you may personalize for your pup. Its quality is slightly unparalleled for me, reasonable in price and it would never let your pup be lost.

Best Puppy Food

Your puppy can’t actually intake human food or adult dog food so you need to purchase the best puppy food for your fur baby as an emergency in your new puppy owner checklist.

Again I do try to recommend the best for your baby and in case of food; Purina Pro Plan Dry Puppy Food is so frequently referred to as the best puppy food which can be bought for your pup too. It’s a Chicken and Rice formula which keeps the closest look at your pup’s perfect intake of food and good health.

Wi-Fi Enabled Automatic Dog Feeder

When you are not at home who is going to look after your baby and who’s giving him his daily food requirements and treats? Well, you’ve got to make those preparations too and update your new puppy owner checklist.

You can get a treat dispenser with an electric connection and it is also available connected with Alexa. You can find various qualities in them out there but I would always recommend the smartest i.e. in simple words, Wi-Fi Enabled Smart  Automatic Dog Feeder is indeed highly recommended. It has an automatic time schedule for feeding your pet moreover you can also change it anytime and anywhere. Besides you can also provide your pet extra feeds by choosing the feed now option and so it doesn’t hamper your outside work and releases a burden. You can control it through your iPhone or Android phone and it can also be connected with your Wi-Fi connection. Definitely, the new puppy owner checklist is incomplete without it.

Best Puppy Toys

Toys are another important matter in this regard. Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy Toy is seemed to be another most wanted and highly recognized puppy toy. This toy gives relaxation to your dog and it helps you training a puppy crying in crate when left alone. The heartbeat system of this toy is calming and it also removes anxiety from your pet, provides peace, and is an essential part of your new puppy owner checklist.

Natural Training Treats

Hey there, are you people engaged in hand training or other essential training for your dog? She’s doing well, so she must be awarded but you must be cautious of this award for her. Treats are also required when potty training a stubborn puppy. And also the treats which you give her as treats must be healthy.

Zuke’s Natural Training Dog Treats is a high graded and qualified treat pack as its #1 ingredient is real peanut butter. Here, each treat consists of less than that of 3 calorie which is easy to digest and healthy for your puppy too; made in the USA with love. These treats make her happy and healthy, now training treats-check.

Oral Hygiene Chews

Oral hygiene is another mentionable and highly important topic to be considered in case of good health care of your pup. That is why oral health chews are considered as one of the most vital elements of the new puppy owner checklist.

Puppies can’t be regularly brushed as it’s too much hampering for their gums and cause much harm to them, so plaque or calculus may be formed, but brushing is still not applicable. Rather vets recommend pups to be provided with Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews which really saves your money from a trip to the vet or dental care.

High Quality Puppy Bed

Though pups don’t actually have hip displacement or osteoarthritis sometimes this becomes genetically so owners don’t their new puppy to be the prey of hip displacement. It’s one of the questions that What Can I Provide My Dog For Arthritis? Well, it’s not uncommon and isn’t a great matter to worry about but in case of these complications, a soft bed is the best. I would recommend using Best Friends by Sheri high-quality giant donut cuddler puppy bed as it’s soft and favorable for pups with zippers on both sides and a completely separable cover which is affordable too.

Puppy Soft Warm Blanket

Suppose it’s so cold out there, you are warm but what about your baby? She needs more care during wintertime. AK KYC Mixed Puppy Blanket is indeed appreciable for your pup’s coat as it has soft fleece which gives even warmer experience and these are found six in number in a single package these are black, red and white paws, black, grey and blue bones. These are 60 cm x 70 cm. And are 100% washable in the machine when comes in contact with dirt so these are high choice blankets to be used for pups in car and home. Without these blankets, your new puppy owner checklist is totally incomplete.

Tearless Puppy Shampoo

Shampoos are another necessary item not in human life but also in a puppy life. Reviews appreciate using BioSilk for Dogs Silk Therapy Puppy Tearless Shampoo which is totally pH balanced for your pup and isn’t hash to her coat. It consists of silk protein, milk protein, aloe Vera, etc. and is used as a luxurious dog beauty item. These are also available with conditioners out there which are mostly liked by both pups and their owners.

Best Dog Hair Dryer

Flying One High Velocity 4.0 HP Motor hair-dryer for a dog is one of the most rated dog hair-dryers which are in demand. As an experienced dog parent, I recommend the readers to use this hair dryer which is safe for puppy use and doesn’t let her catch a cold. It has low heat temperature and is made of steel and has quick-dry abilities. After each bath of your pup, you must be cautious that she dries up quickly otherwise worst results may be fever and so on. Its temperature can be personalized from 81 degrees F to 160 degrees F. Your new puppy owner checklist requires it.

Soft, Fast Drying Towel

After bath and before drying one most necessary step shouldn’t be lagged behind i.e. toweling your pup. She needs to be toweled with a qualified towel or otherwise, her outer coat may be damaged and the other worst results are hair fall and a bald. Snuggly dog easy wears towel is good which is highly recommended and guaranteed and hope that you would get the fruit for each of your penny. It is soft, luxurious, and made up of 400gsm Microfiber. Soft towels checked.

Foldable Metal Puppy Crate

When you are traveling and not sure about your pup’s dwelling place, you surely need to carry a puppy crate with you. Well, you may find various qualities in them out there but you must always look for a portable one which may be folded and it should also be larger in size so that your dog may adjust when she grows up too. Ultima Pro Folding Metal Dog Crate is durable and can be taken or transported anywhere. Crate training is also required for your fur baby otherwise your puppy won’t stop crying in crate. Don’t miss out, this essential item in your new puppy owner checklist!

Best Slicker Brush

Among the entire dog grooming products and combing or demating items for dog, slicker brush like Pro Quality Self Cleaning Slicker Brush has won the heart of all with its unparalleled quality and in removing dirt, brushing nicely and complete dog grooming. It’s affordable w costing just $27.99 and comes with a free eBook and a life-time full money back manufacturer guarantee. This will help you groom your pup so nicely with much fun. Your new puppy owner checklist is still incomplete without it.

Heavy Duty Foldable Puppy Playpen

Playpens are another necessary item for your puppy as she’s a child, she spends most of her day time playing and she would surely whine to you for a playpen. They are found in different shapes but you need them to be easily installable and portable too. These are a confined place for your baby to jump and play so Yaheetech Heavy Duty Foldable Metal playpen is the best according to user reviews because they are easily transportable and anytime installable. And they are assured to be rust-free so no more worries for rust over your baby’s playpen. These are found with 8, 16, and 32 panels and also of different shapes and inches.

Puppy Pee Pads

Isn’t it hard potty training a stubborn puppy? I know. Well, use simple tricks in a much smarter way. Potty pads provide relief to much extend. They are little babies and can’t hold their bladder for a long time and require frequent potty breaks but you are not at home to take her outside or living in a compartment. In this regard, potty pads are a must for your stubborn child. Wee-Wee Puppy Pee Pads are 6 layers leak proof pads that provide relaxation to your four-legged friend. These are extended 22”x23” which is liable for canine babies of all sizes. Your new puppy owner checklist needs them.

Stain & Odor Eliminator

Stains are dogs are like so evil but they need to be removed if not, your pup would turn to stain. But all stain and odor removers are not safe for your puppy and as new puppies cry due to separation anxiety from their mom, tearstains are another trouble. Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator is the best for your baby and for this it has got the best seller on amazon in case of stain removing. If this isn’t bought then you actually don’t have anything in your new puppy owner checklist.

Extra Thick and Strong Poop Bags

While taking your pup to a regular walk and -ew- he’s done with the call of nature but now you need them to be removed as poop doesn’t smell like roses. Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags are qualified for such unwanted situations. It’s easy to open and dispose of as all the rolls are made of recycled paper. The lavender smell of it is good and relieves stress. See! Not so difficult and it’s an essential part of your checklist.

Partable Pooper Scooper

During potty training your puppy, she has to go through a long process to learn so and it also requires age limit to start potty training and before that, you need to go through regular clean of your home. But you can’t through those by taking them in your hand, (yuck) I would highly recommend using Metal Pooper Scooper Easy Pick Up Dog Poop is useful as it is made up of real steel and is totally rust free which means you’ll get results for each penny. It’s easily portable, installable and so on. So far I assume, you might surely have added this pooper scooper in your new puppy owner checklist too.

Easy to use Painless Nail Grinder

If you are new to the world of being a dog owner, you must be concerned about one essential part mostly in case of grooming i.e. nail grinding. Well, in such cases, the dog owners suffer from severe indecisions about what to choose. Relax! I recommend using Casfuy Painless Dog Nail Grinder because without any hesitation I first accepted this grinder and waiting for its output which was pretty cool. It has three ports and the first one is for dogs of small breeds and pups, the second port is for medium-sized dogs and the third port is for the dogs of large size. So, you can replace them with the timespan your fur baby grows up. Another important thing to be mentioned is that it makes so low noise and vibrations.

Genuine Leather Dog Leash

6 Way European Multifunctional Leather Dog Leash is really good and that’s my honest word to the readers. Starting from puppy training up to training a large dog and going out for regular walks, dog leash is of great importance which can’t be mentioned in words. These are made up of genuine leather and they’re so useful that they are used in case of training police dogs too.

Easy Walk Harness

What about going on a walk with your new puppy, cool right? But as she’s new you might surely have the tension for her as she’s so little and can be lost easily. In this regard, dog harness like PetSafe Deluxe Easy Walk Harness has great fame in keeping your pup safe from being lost. I greatly request you to add this too much important dog element to your new puppy owner checklist as its importance can’t slightly be mentioned in words. It’s easy to be worn and is fit for all dog breeds.

Martingale Dog Collar

Martingale Dog Collar is much safe and better than the choke collars that are usually found out there. This dog collar can be tightened easily and tightly so that your naughty child can’t escape by a leak. It also has a quick snap buckle so that you can on and off it according to your desire. It’s constructed with high qualified and durable nylon which is completely safe for your dog’s outer coat.

Anti Chew Spray

Dogs usually have the habit of chewing up everything as they just slightly like to do so but you may normally have queries that why your dog is chewing or if seen a dog licking excessively suddenly. But these are regular incidences and there’s nothing to worry about. You can use Grannicks Bitter Apple Taste Deterrent which is bitter in taste and discourages the dog from chewing up everything. It’s non-toxic and totally safe for your fur baby. And besides applying these sprays, you can also buy your pup an indestructive dog toy that acts as alternate but I’ll say that your new puppy owner checklist is still incomplete without it.

So, these were all essential elements to be highly required in a new puppy owner checklist. I would never tell you to miss out on any single item from the list that I provided you. But still, the decision is yours and if you want a happy and healthy puppy other than the lonely, unhealthy, and unhappy one, you must keep in mind all the elements of a new puppy owner checklist. Who doesn’t love a cute, happy, and healthy puppy at home?