One of the most worrying matters for all the dog owners is that why their dog is eating grass all of a sudden? As a dog owner, we always have thoughts for our dogs. We are most often worried for their sake. When they do some unusual activities or actions, it takes us to deep tensions and worries. Such tensions and worries also include dogs desperately eating grasses and vomiting such cases, many dog owners become tensed and exhausted about what to do. But my message to all dog owners is to relax. You don’t need to worry about this matter.

Most usually dogs have grasses as their regular meal. There are many causes behind these dogs’ unusual and desperate taking of grasses besides their regular meal as well.

Causes behind your dog’s sudden eating of grasses

Many dog owners become harassed when they see the indiscriminate eating of grasses by their dogs. But, there is no need to worry about it. Likely less than 25% of dogs usually vomit after eating grasses. But only 10% of these show adverse signs of underlying illness.

Some causes of this problem are –

    • Upset stomach
    • Nutritional imbalance
    • Imbalance in a regular balanced diet
    • The behavior of their ancestors
    • Growing as a habit
    • He is bored

Is your dog eating grasses due to an upset stomach?

An upset stomach is one of the results of gazing grasses by dogs. It may result due to dogs eating grasses all of a sudden and later on converting to a habit. They often may find it tasty and take it as a meal as dogs like any stuff that is unbearable or disgusting to us like poop (ew). Later on, after consuming those grasses, they vomit it out as grasses are not included in a carnivore’s diet. Of course, some dogs have the habit of taking grasses and then vomiting, grasses are very nutritious so they are not bad for the dog’s health. But it must be kept in mind that the dog should eat green and fresh grasses only though it doesn’t include in their diet. They need to be prevented from taking grasses which are consisted of fertilizers, insecticides or pesticides, industrial wastes, and much more. They put adverse effects on your companion’s health and the ultimate result is upset stomach. The dog may gaze grasses due to some stomach disorder, boredom, anxiety, happiness, etc. When seen such incidences, the dog should be provided with sufficient nutritious food and also you can add a new cuisine to your dog’s food habit i.e. boiled or cooked veggies.

Be cautious about your dog’s nutritional balance

Sometimes, the canines don’t get sufficient nutrition in their regular food habit which they can’t easily express to us. Grasses contain some amount of nutrition; hence the dogs eat the grasses in order to recover their nutritional imbalance although grasses do not contain a sufficient amount of nutrition to meet their desires. Thus, the dogs should be provided with the best nutritious dog foods which are good for them and recommended accordingly. Well, you need to keep your sharp eyes on the fact that either your dog is intaking grasses very less in amount or he has considered as his regular diet. if so, consult your vet instantly as it may sign to some underlying illness.

Hamper in Regular Balanced Diet

A balanced diet is not only important in human health but also important in our dog’s health. So, balance in food habits should be maintained in their food habit also. They should be served with the proper nutritious food and a portion of good dog food that suits them. The important matter to be noted is that puppies need more nutrition than that of the elder ones. They should be given nutritious food for their good health. Their regular food habit should contain every type of nutritional balance, vegetable fibers, protein, and calcium, and so on. If they get their desired and necessary nutrition from their regular food habit, they may stop their unnecessary and indiscriminate taking of grasses which are not preferable as their food.

Ancestors are responsible!

Many a dog behaves a little bit differently from the others because of some genetic causes or because of their ancestors. Such as they may eat grasses from generations due to their forefathers as a habit. But the amount of dogs behaving like this is very small in number. Nowadays, it is not the main reason hence it becomes difficult to find out the exact cause behind eating the grass of your dog. Taking your dog to the vet isn’t the immediate solution; you also need to look for the favorable causes behind this habit. But maintaining the vet’s prescription is also a very great measure to be taken in this case.

Eating Grasses as a Habit

Everyone is barely bound to habit. Eating grasses all of a sudden and your dog may like its flavor and a bad habit. It is valid not only in the case of human beings but also in the case of other creatures in the world like dogs also. When any dog eats grasses continuously and indiscriminately in search of adequate nutrition and a balanced diet, it gives birth to a bad habit of eating grasses to meet their sufficient need for nutrition. So, they eat grasses and as it is not prescribed for their health, they may be affected with stomach disorder which may also be referred to as an upset stomach. In this way, all the causes of this bad habit of eating grasses of the dogs are closely related.

Eating Grasses due to boredom

A dog may sometimes get bored with the regular activities that he does every day and regular food diet too. So, due to being bored with the regular same food, they may eat grasses for their satisfaction thinking it as a new food diet and gradually grow up a habit too. On the other hand, he may also be bored with regular life or lack of going outside for a walk, etc. So, you need to take our dog to a walk but be careful to use dog harness otherwise your canine companion may intake glass blades.

Conclusive answers for The Dog Owners

For all dog owners, it is their sole responsibility to protect their pet dogs from any kind of problem. But, it doesn’t mean to become confused and tensed only for the irregular eating of grasses by the dog, relax! It may be only a habit or maybe good for them as no one knows better about their health other than them. But sometimes, it results in very bad effects, like- gastric, and inflammation, etc. on the same side, it may also lead to bowel problems and so on. So, never take away your eye on their in taking stuff. But, if we provide them with sufficient nutritious food, they will be safe from any kind of disorder and also you can provide them with a vegetable diet to recover soon. And if the condition becomes too bad due to eating grasses all of a sudden, the dog should immediately be taken to the vet from proper treatment and prescription.

Dogs are our most favorite pets among any other pet in fact they are our best buddies. So, we should always look after them and never let them grow such a habit of eating grasses indiscriminately. We should provide them regular balanced food, adequate water after feeding, regular body checkups, and all other necessary steps that should be taken for the sake of their good health. If we are able to give them all the mentioned facilities and work according to these rules, our pet fur baby will be able to lead a safe and sound life.