Why is my dog’s nose dry and crusty?-this is one the most freaky and horrible question that most often comes to your mind, right? But don’t take it lightly though your dog’s nose dry doesn’t mean underlying disease always. But a careful and closer look to your canine is necessary if it elongates for a long time interval. There is not a single cause that your dog is suffering from dry and crusty nose, the reason actually varies!

What is the dog’s nose dry and crusty?

Dog’s nose dry and crusty means that your dog’s nose has dried up which needs to be taken some care of. Dog’s nose is a special organ through which we can easily know about his health. Dog’s nose dry and crusty is not a big deal when your dog has just awaken from sleep but when this dryness lasts for long, then it becomes a cause to worry about. Most shockingly, dogs of some breeds usually have a dry nose. But it is unfamiliar with most of the dogs as the wet mucus of the dog’s nose and its inner skin helps them to smell any foreign object.

Why is my dog’s nose dry and crusty?

It seems that you are worried about why is your dog’s nose dry and crusty, but the answer can’t be given in a single word. Probably there are many causes responsible for this –

    • According to AKC, dry nose of your dog may be the signal to a mild allergic reaction
    • Sunburn in the dog’s face is another vital cause of dry and crusty nose in dog
    • A fungus is more frequently responsible for the dog’s nose dry and crusty. Fungus like ringworms maybe that cruel enemy. Aspergillosis is such a sort of such fungal disease
    • Discoid Lupus Erythematosus is a kind of skin disease which may also behold as responsible
    • Bacterial infections also show adverse effects on the dog’s nose
    • Medical drug reaction is also such a great problem
    • Excessive high tempered weather or sleeping near the room heater is also another cause which may be responsible
    • Something which might have entered your dog’s nose which may be said to be responsible like grass blades. It may be caused due to your dog’s eating grasses all of a sudden
    • Dehydration is another important factor to be noticed in this case

Is dry and crusty nose hazardous for my dog?

Primarily, dry nose if affected your dog for a short time is not injurious but a harder look at his nose is an essential duty of the dog owners. A healthy dog always wags his tail with a cold and wet nose whereas the unhealthy ones cry out of the dry and warm nose. When he wakes up from sleep, he actually has a dog’s nose dry and crusty but it recovers within a short time. If not so, you must take the advice of your vet.

How do I prevent my dog’s nose dry and crusty?

In fact, a crusty nose is not easy for your dog. So, you need to prevent it from coming into being of your dog. Because when it attacks your dog, it’s really difficult to get rid of it. You may follow these mentioned tips to prevent your companion from being dog’s nose dry and crusty-

    • If your dog has an allergy which is the cause of dry and crusty nose, you must remove those things your dog has an allergy with
    • Use the best sunscreen to your dog so that sunburn can’t touch him
    • You can use Zymox Otic as an antifungal Solution
    • Ensure the perfect temperature of your home for your dog’s better health
    • You must be cautious so that no kind of foreign object enters your dog’s nose
    • Provide sufficient water to your dog so that he might not get affected with dehydration and remains hydrated

Best Home Remedies For Dog’s Dry and Crusty Nose

Home remedies are always safe and without any side effects as they always give positive solutions and the best results. Most of the dog owners recommend home remedies for dog’s nose dry and crusty. Here are some home supplies for your dog-

    • Shea butter is highly recommended for getting rid of the dog’s crusty and dry nose in a small amount. It’s also recommended for dog’s dry paws
    • Olive oil is another natural ingredient which gives a much better result for dry and crusty nose, dry paws and ears
    • Castor oil is also much effective for this problem
    • Coconut Oil and Almond oil are also very much effective
    • Cocoa seed butter also plays a significant role to fix your dog’s dry and crusty nose

Now let’s come to the final solutions, prevention is the best other than cure. So, you must always prevent your dog from being attacked by this bad event. If attacked so, you must go with the home remedies but luck doesn’t always favor. So, if the natural ingredients are missing in your home, you can use snout soother which may give you the best value of each penny and is recommended not only by me but also by thousands of dog owners as well as vets too.