If you suddenly notice your dog itching or scratching its skin more often, you may assume your dog being prone to sensitive skin. Dog sensitive skin is quite common yet this sensitiveness can lead your dog to discomfort and in more severe cases, this can become life-threatening as well. Every dog owner must have the strongest knowledge about this issue so that you can save your furry friend from suffering.

What is Dog sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin in the dog is a health state of your dog when the dog’s skin is extremely sensitive towards anything and causes rashes, urge to scratch, inflammation, discoloration of the skin and so on. This health issue is probably the most common issue and most of the dogs are likely to face this once in their lifetime. Though this skin sensitiveness is quite stubborn and demands extensive care to be cured, good knowledge and proper treatment can solve this problem as well.

What are the Major Symptoms of Sensitive Skin?

There are certain symptoms of sensitive skin; excessive scratching, dog sensitive to touch, discoloration of fur, dog in pain when touched are the common symptoms of sensitive skin. The other symptoms that may come along are:

What causes sensitive skin to your dog?

There are several factors that can cause and accelerate sensitivity in your dog’s skin and they are:

Treatment to Heal Dog Sensitive Skin

There are two ways to treat your dog; one is the self-treatment and another is sought vet’s help. At the initial stage, you can take some steps and cure this disease. Steps are stated below:

If you do not heal even after adopting the above-stated treatment options, you must go and get your dog checked by an experienced vet.

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