How to treat dog ear infection without vet - Some Easy Remedies

You must love your dog. But some diseases like ear infections can make you anxious about your dog. The scientific name of the ear inflammation is otitis. More or less the dog can undergo the ear infection and often the condition may go in severe form. In some cases, you may become anxious due to the ear infection and think about how to treat dog ear infection without vet all day long. It will be very cost effective and beneficial to dog health if you can treat the dog safely and successfully at home. It is because, the frequent medication may lead to weakness of the dogs and in some cases, it acts merely as a short relief for pain.

How does dog infection occur?

The dog contains a vertical ear canal that is prone to dirt, wax, and debris. Further, it may lead to the susceptibility of the growth of bacteria and yeast. On the other hand, the floppy ear traps the moisture and create a suitable zone for inflammation around the ear. In most cases whenever a yeast infection occurs, the bacterial infection may also occur.

What are the symptoms of Dog Ear Infection?

There are some signs and symptoms that will help you to find out whether there prevails any infection on the ear or not. In an ear infection, the discharge may come out along with the bad odor. The dog will scratch, rub or paw the ear in an excess amount and very frequently. The red color may appear around the ear along with swelling. Further, the dog will feel severe pain on the ear.

What Home remedies can I try for the dog ear infection?

There are several dog ear home remedies that will help you to cure the dog ear infection without the vet. You should keep hygiene and use clean products for the treatment of dog ear infection. Here are some home remedies that will help you to know how to treat dog ear infection without Vet.

Home antiseptic

For making the antiseptic solution, mix hydrogen peroxide, water, and apple cider vinegar in equal volume. After that soak a cotton swab on the solution in order to clean the affected ear. Generally, it removes all the dirt, wax and debris built and acts as a healing process. It is because hydrogen peroxide is the perfect remedy for dog ear yeast infection.

Coconut oil for dog ear yeast infection treatment

The Coconut Oil is enriched in antibacterial and antifungal properties. So, it works well against the ear mites. On the other hand, it has a soothing power along with the power to heal the skin. Especially in dog ear yeast infection, Coconut Oil works best.

How to use Tea tree oil as dog ear infection medicine?

The Tea Tree Oil is ideal for the treatment of bacterial or fungal infection. Every day you may apply 2 to 3 drops of tea tree oil in order to prevent the dog ear infection. If the dog ear contains any wound or infection at that time, it is better to use the mixture of tea tree oil and sweet almond oil as a medicine. Gently apply 5 drops every day on the infected portion. In addition to using Tea Tree Oil, you can also go for best ear drops for dogs that we highly recommend

Use of Aloe Vera as a pain reliever for the ear infection

The juice of Aloe Vera pacifies the inflammation of dog ear so that the pain may relieve along with the enhancement for the protection of the ear canal. Usually, it is wise to apply the Aloe Vera on the ear twice a day.

Maceration of garlic to treat ear infection of the dog

Crush two cloves of garlic and pour crushed cloves in the olive oil jar for a night. Then in the morning strain the mixture. Apply 5 drops of garlic mixed oil on the dog ear and make observation every day.

Application of hot compresses

Tropical heat acts as a good vasodilator in order to reduce inflammation and pain of affected ear. Moreover, it dilates the blood vessel so that it can improve irrigation of the tissue along with the quick recovery. At first, soak a piece of cloth or cotton on hot water and drain the surplus water. With the soaked cotton or cloth, gently make compression on the pet ear for several times in a day.

Boric acid to clean smelly dog ears

Boric acid acts as a great helpful source for ear infection and is used as one of the preventive measures. It cleans dirt and removes odor in order to heal the affected part and works as a natural home remedy for dog ear infection.

How to use Colloidal Silver Water as a home remedy?

The Colloidal Silver Water works great against the fungal and bacterial infection due to its antifungal and antibacterial properties. At the same time, it is a safe option for any type of infection. Apply it frequently on the affected ear until the infection remains.

Healing power of Mullein oil

The mullein oil contains powerful antimicrobial effect and it works as a natural remedy for the ear infection. In order to enhance the extra healing power, garlic cloves should be infused in mullein oil. If you are seriously looking for how to treat dog ear infection without vet, use Mullein oil once, and you will go for nothing else.

Plucking and Tweezing the ear hair

To prevent ear infection, it is better to pluck the growing hair near the ear canal regularly. If it is not possible, then trimming the hair is a good alternative. The plucking of ear hair depends totally on the growth rate of hair. Generally, it is better to pluck the hair once in two months. If the pet contains any infection on the ear along with the hairy ear at that it is better to tweeze the hair. So, this can really be an answer to the question ‘how to treat dog ear infection without vet.

The process of ear cleaning

It is very important to know the dog ear flush procedure. Before applying the home remedy or Best Dog Ear Cleaner Solution, clean the affected part first. Introduce the dog with ear handling in order to continue the home remedies with comfort. Clean the affected part and equipment before applying the home remedies and use gloves all the time. If it is not possible to hold the dog by yourself only, it is better to ask for help. By opening the ear flap gently apply the solution with the help of equipment and cotton, if necessary. Put the ear flap in former position and massage it. Wipe the excess fluid with the help of clean cloth or cotton. Clean once more in order to remove excess dirt along with the outer layer of the ear.


An ear infection is really a painful experience for your dog. Further, the infection may cause serious damage like hearing loss. Some dogs suffer from chronic ear problem and treatment goes by medication and very often it offers short relief. On top of that, frequent medication weakens the disease resistance system. So, it is very important for you to know how to treat the dog ear infection without vet in order to avoid medication.

The natural remedies along with the regular ear cleaning will keep the pet healthy without affecting the disease resistance system. Every day you should take of your dog in order to avoid the infection