Help Alert! Why my dog is constantly scratching and biting himself?

Is your dog constantly scratching and biting himself or are you in fix why your dog won’t stop scratching? Your dog may scratch himself all the time and this itching leads him to remain irritated all the time and you are surely missing your playful days, isn’t it? Or, perhaps you are being absolutely clueless questioning yourself why is my dog scratching so much? To figure out the problem and to set your dog free from this irritation, we have done research and have found the causes, discovered the remedies and also generated some tips to help you out. So, stay tuned.

How Do You Know If Your Dog is Constantly Itching Himself?

If you notice your dog carefully, you will be able to detect this itching problem before it gets worse. So, keep an eye and check if your dog keeps scratching neck or keeps scratching the face. Constant face and neck scratching can be the initial signs. But the disease progresses when your dog keeps scratching eye and ear. If you see any bald patches, you may consider it happen due to excessive scratching. Again, being less playful, being irritated can be the other major signs that dictates your dog is in discomfort.

Major Causes Why Your Dog Won't Stop Scratching

Well, there can be several reasons behind your dog constantly scratching himself. Itchy skin, allergy flee attacks and many more can cause your dog to scratch and bite himself.

Allergies: The Major cause of your dog scratching is allergies. Basically, food habits or intake of any new food item, environment even soaps or shampoos can cause allergies to your dog’s skin.

Fleas and Ticks: The most common reason for scratching are Fleas and Ticks.

Hormonal Issues and Dry Skin: Just like humans, your dog can also face hormonal issues. Moreover, these hormonal issues can lead to dry skin that becomes itchy. Even in winters or dehydration can make your dog’s skin itchy

Skin Sore: Skin sore or any pain or discomfort on the knee and joints of your dog can make it lick and bite its skin. 

Diet:: If you notice your dog scratching belly but no fleas, it must be the diet. Unhealthy or allergy-prone diet can be another reason for your dog’s itchy skin.

How Can You get Your Dog to Stop Scratching Himself?

Right Diet: You must ensure gluten-free healthy diet infused with omega and other fatty acids, antioxidants, minerals, and necessary vitamins.

Flea Control: To control flea there is no alteration than to use the best dog shampoo for flea and tick control. Always be sure the shampoo may not contain any allergen and you can also use a natural shampoo.

Home Remedies: There is certain dog scratching home remedies that can actually help you and they are:

Antihistamines: According to many of the theories, antihistamines (Benadryl) can actually benefit your dog sensitive skin.

Tips To Stop Your Dog from Scratching

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