Your puppy looks cute, right? But he’s not only cute rather he’s as stubborn as cute in case of elimination. Indeed, potty training a stubborn puppy is not that easy at all. On the other hand, it’s important too as potty is proof that your fur baby is healthy and active. But is potty training a stubborn puppy making you exhausted? Well, nothing is here to worry about as we are here to help you always!

Timespan Of Holding Elimination In Pups

Puppies more frequently need to go for potty breaks as they can’t control their bowels and bladder, though a young dog can control their elimination till 8 hours and even 10 hours too. But if he is less than that of 1 year, he shouldn’t be allowed to hold their excretion for more than 5 hours or 6 hours. Regular sayings are that pups can hold their poop for one hour for each month. Viz- if the pup is 1 month, he can hold it for 1 hour, if he’s 2 months then he could control for 2 hours. But when he gets older, he can control it for a longer period. Since pups can’t control their elimination, they need frequent potty breaks. For that, it’s necessary to start potty training from 12 weeks of age. And this potty training exists for 4-6 months.

Well, now you know the poop holding capacity of pups including age range and the time for starting their potty training. But you also need to know the initial steps to start potty training a stubborn puppy.

The required age for starting potty training

Pups require a specific time to start potty training which usually starts from 12 weeks to 16 weeks. But, you can also do it earlier. For the exact time being, you need to go out after frequent intervals and before that age i.e. 12 weeks, you need potty breaks after every 10 or 20 minutes.

How do I start Potty Training a Stubborn Puppy?

Here are some smarter tips to start potty training a stubborn puppy –

    • Firstly, you just need to introduce your dog with the new environment of your home so that he may feel free to survive with his loving owner
    • Secondly, you must restrict your pup to a confined place around you; you can use the best quality dog crate or a dog leash so that he may not spoil your house.
    • The third step is that you can use potty pads for your pup in such a place where he’s familiar with
    • Fourth is not to put pressure on your pup for elimination rather wait for the exact time and look for the signs of elimination like sniffing, whining, circling, or barking.
    • Now you should clean the poop where your dog has spoiled rather than punishing or shouting on him and you must appreciate your dog with treats and sweet comments rather than shouting when he eliminates in the right place.
    • Take your pup outside as a potty trip so that he could release his poop outside after eating, playing, sleeping, and so on.
    • Instead of dog potty pads, you can also use grass mats and dog litter box too.
    • Go with regular timing of food intake and elimination.
    • Pups usually get anxious and scared during the training the first time, so you can provide him with the best anxiety treats and you must look for the potty signs like wagging tail.
    • If you are not at home you must keep your puppy in a dog care center.

Now you know the initial tips and tricks for potty training a stubborn puppy. He’ll not allow you to potty train him for the first time. So, you just need to follow the mentioned tips.

Is potty training essential for my stubborn puppy?

Indeed potty training is essential for your dog as they are toxic and may even cause the death of your fur baby.

If your dog is not gone for potty training, he may do unusual elimination and thus it’ll ultimately result in adverse health hazards. Of course, healthy poop is the signal to a healthy canine companion.

In final words, you need to have some patience to deal with the potty training a stubborn puppy. Don’t be rude to him, let him be relaxed and reward him with a healthy treat after every perfect excretion. In this way, you must go with your puppy during the potty training so that the ultimate result is better.