Does it seem that your stubborn puppy won’t stop crying in crate? No worries, we’re here and will surely find out the solution but all you need is to continue crate training a puppy crying though it sounds harsh. Whining is most common among puppies especially you’ll notice your canine friend as a puppy crying in crate when left alone. Another horrible incident is that your puppy won’t stop crying at night, you live in a compartment and have to go for work early the next day, just imagine!

Why my stubborn puppy won’t stop crying in crate?

Pups are indeed den animals. Their moms teach them to consider it as their home but now the puppy needs to adjust it in a crate but you need to ensure that he doesn’t consider it as a jail or punishment place rather he should consider it as his den i.e. his sanctuary. Tired of a whining dog? Don’t pay attention to that until he stops whining otherwise it may turn to a habit and would ensure him that whining can make him reach his desire.

Why is my puppy crying in crate when left alone?

Doggies require some practice before they are to consider something new moreover your puppy is a baby. So it’s obvious that he may cry in a crate when left alone and the ultimate result is whining. The puppies used to survive fairly with his mom and his sibling but they’re no more with him and since he has adopted you as a guardian now, he won’t like to lose you. So, puppy crying in crate when left alone is common in case if you’re not with him and as he suffers from separation anxiety. Yeah, using an anxiety vest specially designed for dogs would be the best idea in this regard.

Reasons that your puppy won’t stop crying in crate

The crate is in fact a new environment for your pup and make sure he doesn’t feel it as a curse. So, you need to introduce the crate to him during the daytime. But first of all, crate selection is of vast significance. You need to select the best dog crate applicable for your pup and it needs to be bigger in size so that pup, when turned to adult, could adjust otherwise you will require to afford it again. You’ll find a vast collection of dog crates out there; choose the best according to your dog’s size. Again, put toys inside and a soft bed so that your pup feels comfort inside also play with him when he’s in the crate and provide him treats and if he cries, ignore at once. Make him feel that crying results in nothing.

Bladder control may be another reason!

Your pup is so tiny that he can’t understand when he needs to eliminate though there’s a fixed time for pup’s defecation. But pressure for defecation may be a reason that your puppy won’t stop crying in crate. They have a lot of energy so this energy needs to be burnt before going to bed so that he completes all the business before going to bed. In that case, crate training puppy training is indeed necessary. Use potty pads inside its much better.

Conclusive measures

Your pup won’t stop crying in crate if he’s not familiar with the crate. You need to go for crate training a puppy crying otherwise the problems would increase. Make sure that the crate is not too big for your puppy otherwise it may result in unwanted accidents. Take care about his intake of food and regular defecation schedule and then go for the potty training but remember not to force your furry companion too much.